2016 (next year) Painting Workshop at Painter’s Lodge!

May 9 to 16, 2016. Join Grant Fuller for this plein air painting vacation. Non-painters welcome, there are plenty of activities aside from painting, such as golf, fishing and wild life tours. Luxury accommodation at the world famous “Painter’s Lodge” features outstanding cuisine. We can paint right there in their beautiful gardens on ocean front grounds. We have free water shuttle to their sister resort at April Point for a day of painting with a different view. We will have access to the Campbell River marina for another day of painting with a choice of local lunch specialties.



Painting demonstrations will be in watercolour but you are welcome to work in acrylics if that is your preference. You may want to sketch for some subjects so a travel size sketch book will be useful. For a more complete look at the materials used on location, click the “Plein Air Supplies” button in the top menu.